Strategic Sales Consulting That Grows Revenue

We Fix Your Sales and Revenue Problems

Step-by-step systematic approach
Hands-on customized experience
Guaranteed forecastable growth

“Jon Anderson is a Sales Guru. He is also a person of impeccable character and integrity. He knows how to exceed expectations. If Jon makes a commitment, you can take it to the bank.”

Joe Zente, President & CEO, Z3 Performance Development

Do these sales struggles sound familiar?

Growth isn’t sustainable?
High sales team or client turnover?
Stagnant or declining revenue?
Tried sales training that didn’t work?
Don’t understand revenue-generating functions?
Broken sales infrastructure?
Salespeople constantly fighting fires?
Ineffective sales managers?
Don’t know what’s really broken?
Erratic market conditions?
Shrinking margins?
Rapidly changing technology?
Companies we work with generate:
Growth in revenue in year 1
Growth in subsequent years
Total new revenue

We Help SMBs and Middle Market Organizations

Break stagnant sales cycles
Achieve consistent new revenue
Drive rapid growth

Sidehill Consulting’s Revenue-Growing Framework

A step-by-step, data-driven, systematic approach to fix your sales

1. Dig deep into your organization’s infrastructure.
2. Align company goals with sales goals.
3. Develop structures, systems and processes aligned with the company’s goals.
4. Put the right people in the right positions.
5. Implement sales training programs.
6. Grow sustainable, forecastable revenue.

Sidehill’s Guarantee: Minimum of 10% revenue growth in year 1.

Ready to Turn Your Revenue Growth Up?

1. Request a consultation.
2. Create a program that focuses on attaining your sales goals.
3. Identify where you’re getting off-track in all areas – not just sales.
4. Consistently hit your revenue targets and grow, year over year.

Hire A Sales Fixer

We solve your unique sales problems by conducting an organizational-wide strategy and assessment, building a customized sales system, and aligning human capital to your new structure to drive consistent revenue growth.

No-Cost Video Training

3 Essential Steps for Achieving Consistent Revenue Growth

Sales strategy, processes, and execution that puts your organization on track for reliable results.