A Sales Plan to Drive You Forward

A comprehensive Sidehill Sales Plan helps you build a sales infrastructure, hire the right sales people and manage your sales team – everything you need to improve your sales productivity.

Do any of these sound familiar? You may need a Sales Plan if:

  • You are missing a sales process.
  • Your proposals go nowhere.
  • Sales are stagnant.
  • You can’t find the right sales person for your team, product, service or organization.
  • Compensation plans are ineffective and affordable.
  • Sales is not your strength and you don’t want to handle it. Or you don’t have time to manage it.
  • You don’t know where to begin.

Grow your sales and your business. A Sidehill Sales Plan outlines each recommendation and step to take, in the precise order. Just follow the Sales Plan to see sales performance truly take off.

There are 4 parts to the Sales Plan:

  1. Hiring. We’ll help you write job descriptions, create sales profiles and quotas, and come up with unique compensation plans that work for both you and your sales people.
  2. Management. See sales from start to end. Forecast accurately, manage the pipeline and measure sales goals. You’ll also be able to determine when sales training is needed and automate your sales force through a CRM.
  3. Strategy. Learn to effectively prospect. Target you customers by reaching the decision makers early. Establish referral partners. Then learn and articulate the finer points of your value proposition.
  4. Process. This is where you will set defined sales stages, included what is needed to move to the next stage. You’ll learn what questions to ask at each stage and what sales tools you need.

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