Client Acquisition and Proof of Concept Sales

Your advisers want to see them. Your seed investors need to see them. There is no growth stage without them.

…and they aren’t promises to buy from personal contacts.

You need key accounts or partnerships with influential names in your marketplace, and you need them fast. Sidehill works with entrepreneurs and startups to help turn your great ideas into a profitable company – faster. For startups ready to sell, faster is better.

The art of effectively combining strategy, process, skill, and passion is the pinnacle of sales achievement. Very few companies are founded on the premise of mastering this art, and passion alone may not deliver those first few critical accounts.

A Sales Plan is is an essential element to sales for startups. This will outline the of the sales process, responsibilities of your sales team, compensation plans, goals, metrics to measure goals and forecasting. Sidehill is here to help. We will provide you with all the tools you need get your sales department off the ground and soaring.

We’ve done it. A lot. It’s how we began over 25 years ago, and it’s still the kind work we love most. We can help you get it done faster and with better results.

Contact us today to review your sales plan and requirements for growth. We know sales. It’s all we do.

Entrepreneurs and startups are the engines that propel economies forward. Those first key accounts are what keep entrepreneurs and startups in the driver’s seat.

Contact us today for a no hassle, complimentary consultation.