What is a Sales Discovery and why do you need one?

A Sales Discovery is simply an evaluation of your organization’s ability to meet your sales goals. Using a proven methodology, we work closely with your senior management and leadership team to provide a clear and objective assessment. Then we follow it up with a comprehensive action plan – a list of recommendations that will improve your sales performance.

You want your sales organization to improve, but perhaps you don’t have the time, resources or experience to make it happen. With an On-site Sales Discovery, you’ll understand the root cause of the issues and know how to fix it.

Common sales issues:

  • Not making your numbers
  • No sales process in place
  • No sales team structure
  • “Revolving door” of sales people
  • A weak compensation plan
  • Stuck in old markets, unable to break into new ones
  • Not clearly describing the solution or service you’re selling
  • Can’t accurately forecast
  • Not accurately tracking client information
  • Deficient sales leadership – not enough coaching on sales performance

Sales productivity is driven by four key points.

  1. Sales Organization. This includes sales personnel, hiring plans, roles, responsibilities and sales training.
  2. Sales Analysis. This is where you outline your sales goals, how you measure those goals and your compensation plans.
  3. Sales Strategy. How are you positioned within your industry? Are you competitive? What sets you apart and drives your value proposition?
  4. Sales Methodology. This refers to how you manage your customer relationships, your coverage and your sales process.