Investment Sales Analysis can better prepare and position you for a business transaction.

When you are preparing to buy or a sell a business, nothing is more important than the research to truly understand a company’s strengths and weaknesses. Sales Xceleration’s Investment Sales Analysis℠ (ISA) uses key sales drivers to determine the company’s sales infrastructure and actual revenue numbers to identify the buy-cycle stages.

Proactive Approach – No Surprises

An objective evaluation identifies existing infrastructure components, and those that may be missing. This provides insight into the leading or lagging sales growth, eliminating surprises. You’ll know if the sales team isn’t capable of meeting their goals and if sales are negatively affecting business operations. You may even determine that lackluster sales system will keep the business from even being ready to be bought or sold.

Being proactive in the sale means uncovering hurdles and getting down to the facts of the revenue stream. You’ll understand the business’ chances of closing new customers and contracts, which will in turn strengthening your power of negotiation. You’ll have a much better overall picture of the investment.

ISA in 3 Parts

There are three main parts to the Investment Sales Analysis:

  1. A map of where the critical sales drivers currently stand.
  2. A breakdown of the critical sales drivers.
  3. An executive summary outlining expert recommendations, including risk and opportunity.

ISA is a natural addition to the Sidehill Consulting portfolio. We create sales teams, build sales structures, manage sales departments and now, analyze a business’s growth trajectory. Contact us for more information and to get started.