Sales Consulting & Sales Training and are not the same.

Contractors, manufacturers, healthcare providers, non-profit, retail – every kind of business you can name – all have one thing in common: The top line always impacts the bottom one. Sidehill Consulting helps selling teams and leaders to get better at sales so the rest of the organization can also do their best.

Why Sales Training Often Fails to Last

Sales leaders anxious to improve results often attempt to do so by sending the team to a seminar or workshop for a few days, or following the steps from the latest sales process. On completion, they might see some short-term motivation and might take away a few tidbits or ‘tricks’. Unfortunately, most are then disappointed to find that those ‘tricks’ don’t work very well, and they certainly don’t last.

No wonder so many people ask us: “Do any sales programs really work?”

Yes! if those tools, processes, and methods are shaped to work with what makes your business unique. A master carpenter wouldn’t dream of building a showcase home using a glass blowers tools. If you want your sales team to deliver master-craftsman level results, they need to have the right tools for your job, and know how to use them.

Sidehill understands sales and how to help you gain the most from your sales program. We’ve worked with solo-preneurs and Fortune 1,000 firms, from Biotech R&D to retailing fine wine, and in stages from start-up to desperate recovery. With sales, there is only one constant: nothing is just like anything else. That’s why, when you work with Sidehill to improve selling, you will experience a custom, personal approach that we guarantee will help you and your organization to sell better.

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