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Relationship-Based Approach
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“I have grown both personally and professionally working with Charlene. My business is more efficient and profitable because of her expertise and guidance. Excellent investment!”

The Firewalk Sales System

Accelerating sales growth for business owners, CEOs and their teams

Internalize your mission. Challenge your head trash. Deep dive into the hearts and minds of your customers.
Know exactly what to say and how to say it. Make sure your marketing and sales are working in lock-step.
Reach out in the right way at the right time. Follow a sales process without anyone feeling “processed.”
Connect with ideal customers, better
Grow faster
Enjoy doing it

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Charlene DeCesare

As a speaker, trainer and outsourced VP of sales, Charlene brings decades of experience helping organizations solve the complex sales execution issues that hinder consistent sales growth.

Her experience is varied and comprehensive:

  • Principal Advisor & Fractional VP of Sales with Sidehill Group, powered by Sales Xceleration, Charlene brings her broad and deep sales consulting, coaching, and training expertise to help our clients fix their sales and revenue problems. Charlene assesses and solves all of the structural sales issues that prevent organizations from consistently achieving growth goals.
  • Creator of the Firewalk Sales System: The Mindset, Message, & Method needed to grow sales quickly – and almost more importantly, feel great doing it.
  • Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and certified Brain-Based Success Coach, Charlene is also able to “ignite” any size audience with motivation, energy, and enlightened engagement.

Charlene partners with Sidehill to ensure your sales strategies, systems and processes are executed with maximum sustained impact to your top line.