From Declining Sales to Sales Growth: How to Turn Your Situation Around (Case Study)

February 29, 2020

The owner was discouraged.

His manufacturing company had been in business for 18 years but with slow, ever-declining sales, the outlook was dim.

He added a sales manager, hoping that would be the key to long-term, forecastable growth.

But things remained stagnant.

The owner tried implementing processes for operations and understood that the same was needed for sales growth, but he didn’t have the knowledge to do this on his own.

This case study examines the deeper issues going on in the company, and how an expert sales strategist was able to rehabilitate the failing business.

The problem

Here’s a closer look at what the owner was experiencing in his business:

In despair, the owner called on Sidehill Consulting for some much-needed guidance.

The solution

The experienced consultant was ready to spring into action for the struggling business and get them started on an upward trajectory of sustainable sales growth.

These are the strategies that were implemented to combat declining sales:

The results

The outcome of these strategies was more than the owner could have hoped for.

Sales started to increase within the first six months that Sidehill Consulting was on the job, and the business became profitable after just 10 months.

Their projected revenue for 2019 is $4.8 million, which is $0.2 million above what was needed for additional funds to be released to invest in production improvements.

Sales-growth rehab that works

Without the help of an expert and with continued declining sales, this owner would have eventually had to close the doors to the business – probably with a fair amount of debt.

Sidehill Consulting used proprietary assessment results to determine a sales and marketing strategy that better supported the organization’s sales growth objectives.