3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring Your Next Outstanding Sales Person

February 29, 2020

I’ve been asked countless times by many organizations, “How do I hire high-performing sales employees?” How many times have you been excited for a new hire to join your team and have only been disappointed by his or her mediocre results? Sales is a challenging yet exciting business many professionals thrive in. There is also a vast majority of individuals who fail. There are plenty of reasons to fail in the sales industry and it isn’t because they’re lazy or bad at sales. Discovering the right sales person to join your company, fit into the culture, and excel at selling your specific product or service is challenging on its own. Sadly, amazing talent doesn’t just appear at your front door! Successfully selecting your next sales superstar starts before you even submit the job description to your human resources department or post it on an online job board. It takes a lot of time and effort to set up the best environment for your sales person to thrive in.

Attracting the Right Sales Person

Recruiting top-talent sales staff derives from your organization’s ability to properly prepare your sales department for the right type of candidate. You need to build a strong foundation for the recruiting process to run smoothly. Smart and capable employees are out there, but they need more than a lucrative compensation and benefits package; they need their employer to have all of their ducks in a row. To attract the right type of sales superstar, ask yourself the following questions: Do I have clear expectations set out for the new hire? Lack of clear expectations is the main reason many employees become frustrated with their employers and ultimately leave. Don’t lose your best employee because you couldn’t explain expected sales goals and quotas. How well can I compensate and incentivize my outstanding sales person? Ensure you have a documented, competitive compensation program. You would be surprised at how many employees, including high-level managers, are unaware of their company’s benefits and the overall process. Why would your new sales hire go above and beyond for your company if they don’t know how it benefits them in the first place? What do the onboarding and training programs look like for your new hire?  According to a study, 78% of executive-level employers form an initial opinion about their new employees in less than 90 days. It is critical, as a sales leader, to set your employees up for success. Use this checklist to determine if you have the proper sales training and onboarding processes set up at your company. Other things to think about when attracting your outstanding salesperson:

It’s a Two-Way Street

Like any relationship, it takes a lot of hard work to keep your sales star around. To build a strong, solid foundation, ensure you and your company:

You can find your next outstanding sales person, but is all up to you, the leader. Make sure you are attracting the right candidate by offering the right compensation and benefits. Clear expectations and defined sales processes it easy for your new hire to understand what to do and how to do it. A strategic onboarding and training program will aid your newcomer during the transition process and ensure he or she is successful. If you need help finding your next top performing sales person, contact me today to set up a free consultation. Sidehill Group is an expert in finding the perfect sales solutions for your business.

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