Outreach Review: An Up-Close Look at the Leading Sales Acceleration Software

February 29, 2020

Outreach review:



Anything that makes your life easier is great.

If it simplifies things AND gives your sales and revenue a boost?

This Outreach review gives you an in-depth look at the tool’s sales acceleration capabilities. 

We’ve also included some pros and cons so you can judge for yourself.

If your business is struggling with stagnant sales and no vision for achieving long-term, forecastable growth, this platform is worth a look.

Keep reading our Outreach review to find out exactly what it is and what it can do for your sales team.

What is Outreach?

Outreach is a sales engagement tool that helps your team communicate more efficiently. The insights it provides make your sales strategies more effective.

You can automate and prioritize customer touchpoints throughout the stages of the sales process.

It maximizes productivity and encourages team members to book more meetings and exceed sales goals by displaying all prospect-related info on one screen.

The platform also encourages collaboration between sales and marketing to drive higher ROI.

Who should use Outreach?

Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Sales Officers, VPs of Sales, Sales Managers, Sales Directors, and those working in Sales Operations or Sales Enablement can all benefit from integrating the Outreach platform into their processes.

Companies of all sizes use Outreach as their go-to sales acceleration software.

Here are some organizations you’ve heard of who are putting Outreach to work:

Outreach features

The Outreach software provides these sales enablement features:

And these inside sales features:

Salesforce automation features include:

Outreach review – deep dive

With any software tool, there are good elements and some that aren’t ideal.

Here are the pros and cons of Outreach.



Sales acceleration software for the win

Whether your sales team is large or small, Outreach is a great option for streamlining and boosting sales

The automation feature options offer a ton of potential productivity improvements that keep your team focused on what the do best: engage with prospects. 

However, those options come with an investment: Not every option is going to be right for every process, and setting up these tools to best align with your unique sales operation can be both challenging and time-consuming for new users.

If software alone isn’t enough to get your flagging sales out of the dumpster, combine it with the expertise of an experienced sales strategist who can put your organization back on the right path to more productive selling processes and consistent results.

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