Leadership is More Than Just a Sales Function Imperative – Part 1

February 29, 2020

I primarily focus on top line turn-arounds and building high performing sales operations. I’ve done this in some form for 30 years now, and not once have I been brought into an organization where both sales operations and leadership were present and running smoothly. This is how my brain works: I seek out and solve problems that hinder sales growth. That’s just what I am designed to do. In fact, it’s difficult for me not to see what needs to be improved.

Some may look at a company and see unrecognized risks, underutilized financial assets, poor brand management or a lack technology… I see those issues in the sales function. And of the hundreds of cases I’ve worked on that has a revenue problem, there are typically more than two instances of individuals with leadership gaps. Those gaps simply make it difficult for even the best salespeople to perform.

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