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Is Your Sales Compensation Plan Helping or Hurting?

Sales compensation details vary from company to company, as they should. However every plan shows the same four general tell-tale signs that it isn’t working: murky clarity, no job description, top performers leaving and quotas not managed well. Spot these red flags and you can make the correction before the plan passes the point of [...]

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring Your Next Outstanding Sales Person

I’ve been asked countless times by many organizations, “How do I hire high-performing sales employees?” How many times have you been excited for a new hire to join your team and have only been disappointed by his or her mediocre results? Sales is a challenging yet exciting business many professionals thrive in. There is also [...]

Clear Sales Expectations Get You to the Playoffs

Search the phrase "quotes for expectations" and a variety of results appear with a common message: do not expect anything and avoid disappointment. Search the phrase “quotes for expectations in business” and the exact opposite message appears: expect greatly to achieve goals. How can two simple words, “in business,” added to the end of a [...]

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Why Do Sales Leaders Fail?

Salespeople are burning out faster than ever, according to Forbes, because they don’t have coaches and mentors to facilitate long-term success. Additionally, many salespeople do not have adequate tools and resources to fulfill their job responsibilities. More interesting is how their sales leaders once experienced the same pain years before the new hires ever did, [...]

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Ensuring Confidence in Your Confidence

It's easy to identify a confident person a mile away – but do you ever wonder just how someone becomes so confident in the first place? How do you create confidence when needed, and how to you nurture and repair it when its lacking? The definition of confidence is quite simple: full trust and belief [...]

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Creating Winning Sales Beliefs

In life, your beliefs are everything. They help you both navigate winding paths and drive you to succeed. And if you are in sales, this is even more true. In fact, having winning sales beliefs can mean the difference between succeeding and failing. Creating strong, guiding sales beliefs is easier than you might think. What [...]

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