About Sidehill Consulting

Sales Consulting To Grow Your Revenue

Many companies struggle with consistency in their revenue & sales. We uncover what’s broken and fix the infrastructure issues so your sales systems work and your revenue grows reliably.

Stagnant sales cycle halting growth?

Inconsistent revenue worrying your team?

Seeking rapid growth?

Disappointing sales team performance?

Canned programs or scripts can’t help most people to consistently sell better. Human nature requires that you change your approach for each person.

Each member of our team has at least 20 years of experience in sales leadership, helping SMBs and Middle Market organizations who want to grow rapidly, break a stagnant sales cycles, and achieve more consistency in new revenue.

“Please accept my enthusiastic endorsement of Jon Anderson as one of the most talented sales professionals I have had the pleasure of working with during my 15 years in sales. Beyond his obvious ability to inspire confidence in customers and colleagues alike, Jon has a highly developed skill to successfully leverage business data and information resources.

Jon’s accurate and perceptive analysis of market conditions, customer needs and corporate goals consistently result in balanced product portfolio performance and margin improvement while driving top-line revenue achievement.”

 Jacquie Lameira, Business Intelligence Analyst, Pall Life Sciences