Need A Speaker?

  • Is your industry, business, or non-profit association looking for a speaker with a topic everyone needs?
  • Does your conference need an engaging, dynamic, and informative speaker that can understand, inform, and excite participants?
  • Are your top sales people resisting attendance at sales meetings?
  • Does the team leave your sales conference re-energized and enthusiastic about their opportunity?

Sidehill is pleased to share the knowledge and insight gained from our wide industry experience and deep Sales and Business Development leadership. Like all of Sidehill’s services, any presentation is customized to the unique objectives of your organization, participants, and purpose of the gathering.

“He was spot-on and I was impressed with what he provided. I knew it would be good from dealing with him previously and last night’s event simply confirmed that!”

Popular subjects include:

  • Change your mind, change your results
  • Sales Leadership
  • Why Sales Management often falls short
  • Sales Culture
  • Hiring Your Heart Out: Find the right rep for your business
  • Create self sustaining improvement in sales performance
  • Inside, Outside, Direct or Distribution?
  • Finding and implementing the right sales structure
  • Sales Prospecting and Cold Calls: You don’t have to like it …
  • “I’m not a salesperson, but …”
  • Top line tactics for small business owners and professionals.

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