What We Do

“Human interactions” mean every contact will be different, so a canned program or script can’t help most people to consistently sell better. Sidehill helps people to sell better by first understanding the technologies, markets, structures, and activities that make their selling activities unique. Then we work with individuals to ensure they have the structures, processes, techniques, and skills they need to accelerate sales performance.

Sidehill helps businesses sell better by first understanding their organizational goals, strategies, and objectives. We work with businesses to reach universal understanding of what the sales contribution must be in order to achieve organization goals, strategies, and objectives – from the new business development and exit strategy all the way down to the daily actions that must be met in order for those goals to be achieved.

We provide a flexible framework that works with your requirements, ensuring your selling activity will continue to accelerate long after our work together is done.

Whether your organization is a team of 1, 10, or 1,000, direct hire or distribution channels, complex long cycles or a one-call close, we have the experience and insight to ensure your human interactions result in as many positive exchanges as possible.

The Brief:

  • New business development and sales strategy
  • Sales process design and implementation
  • Executive coaching to ensure long term success
  • Complete or partial sales outsourcing services that include:
    • Sales Recruiting
    • Sales Training
    • Sales Team and Operations Management
    • Sales Team Support
    • Your sales performance will improve
    • Results that will last

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