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The Trick to Taking Control of Your Sales Brain

Scientists have been studying the human mind for centuries. In the early 1900’s, breakthroughs by Freud, Jung and others led to an understanding of the presence of subconscious thought. Since then, advancements in neuroscience combined with new ultra sensitive equipment for monitoring and measuring brain activity has dramatically increased our knowledge of how the brain [...]

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7 Ways to Change Your Sales Culture and Increase Profits

At Sidehill Consulting, we spend a lot of time working with and listening to business owners, presidents and CEOs. The consensus is clear – everyone wants to improve sales and profitability. And most everyone agrees that in order to do this, an organization needs to change its sales culture. Commit to Making a Change Changing [...]

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Leadership is More Than Just a Sales Function Imperative – Part 1

I primarily focus on top line turn-arounds and building high performing sales operations. I've done this in some form for 30 years now, and not once have I been brought into an organization where both sales operations and leadership were present and running smoothly. This is how my brain works: I seek out and solve problems [...]

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The Importance of Sales Team Accountability

Is your sales team meeting expectations? Try implementing accountability and get your sales goals met while improving the performance of your team. “Accountability” is a word that has many interpretations and is often thrown around in the business world without a clear representation of what it actually means. Everyone has a different view of what [...]

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