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7 Ways to Change Your Sales Culture and Increase Profits

At Sidehill Consulting, we spend a lot of time working with and listening to business owners, presidents and CEOs. The consensus is clear – everyone wants to improve sales and profitability. And most everyone agrees that in order to do this, an organization needs to change its sales culture. Commit to Making a Change Changing [...]

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Leadership is More Than Just a Sales Function Imperative – Part 1

I primarily focus on top line turn-arounds and building high performing sales operations. I've done this in some form for 30 years now, and not once have I been brought into an organization where both sales operations and leadership were present and running smoothly. This is how my brain works: I seek out and solve problems [...]

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The Importance of Sales Team Accountability

Is your sales team meeting expectations? Try implementing accountability and get your sales goals met while improving the performance of your team. “Accountability” is a word that has many interpretations and is often thrown around in the business world without a clear representation of what it actually means. Everyone has a different view of what [...]

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